Want A Crash Course? Join Our Short Term Courses

Arena computer offers fast, momentary courses to undergraduates and also to working experts who always wish to mend and hone their aptitude in at least one devices or programming. Learn to program just by utilizing VFX and after generation, website composition and improvement, liveliness, communicate, plan and perception, and architectural plan. You can gain and increase your work abilities in only 1-6 months with the best short term courses.

We offer short term courses for various topics, go through the following:

  • VFX and Post Production
    In VFX and Post Production, the industry specialist helps you to learn multiple software’s. Not only do we provide theoretical studies, but also we make you know the ways to apply them in practice. The modules that are included in this course are as follows:

    • Visual Effects with Flame
    • Video Editing
    • Visual Effects with After Effects
    • Match moving
    • Visual Effects with Nuke
    • Working with Audio
    • Audio-Video Editing
    • Rotoscoping with Silhouette
    • Print Portfolio

    The software that is taught during this course is Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Adobe Premiere CC and Prelude CC, Adobe Premiere CC & Prelude CC, Adobe Audition, Silhouette, Mocha/ 3D Equalizer. And finally, you will be given a project to complete.

  • Web design and development
    The modules that are taught in this course, along with the tools used are mentioned below in details:

    • Designing the web using Markup Language and Style Sheet. The device or software used in this is HTML and CSS.
    • To develop interactive web pages, the tools used are Jquery and JavaScript.
    • Web Animation and Scripting with Animate CC. You will learn this and also know the application of the Adobe Animate CC software.
  • Animation
    We also offer short term courses for animation most of the time termed to be the best courses after 12th. In this course, the students are taught about the basics of 3D animation, advance 3D animation, Digital Graphics, and 3D Animation and finally 2D Digital Animation. The software that you will get to learn during this course is as follows:

    • 3ds Max 2018 with V-Ray
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Adobe Illustrator CC
    • Adobe Animate CC
  • Broadcast
    The best courses after 12th course that we offer in the short term courses list are broadcast. Here, we teach you about Broadcast designing and Broadcast 3D design. The software or the tools that are shown for this course are Mac OS Final Cut Pro X and Cinema 4D.

  • Design and Visualization
    Finally, design and visualization end the list of the short term courses that are offered by Arena. In this course, we will teach Photoshop, Corel Draw, Web Weaver, and Media Publishing. The tools used are Adobe Photoshop Extended CC, CorelDraw X8, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe In Design. Enrol with the expert and get the best result soon. Check the course and enrol now.


Modules Tools/Software
Visual Effects with Flame Autodesk Flame
Visual Effects with After Effectss Adobe After Effects
Visual Effects with Nuke Nuke
Video Editing Adobe Premiere CC & Prelude CC
Audio-Video Editing Adobe Premiere CC & Prelude CC
Working with Audio Adobe Audition
Rotoscopy with Silhouette Silhouette
Matchmoving Mocha/ 3D Equaliser
Print Portfolio Project


Modules Tools/Software
Designing for web using Markup Language & Style Sheet HTML & CSS
Developing interactive web pages Jquery/Javascript
Web Animation & Scripting with Animate CC Adobe Animate CC


Modules Tools/Software
Basics of 3D Animation 3ds Max 2018 with V-Ray
Advance 3D Animation Autodesk Maya
Digital Graphics and 3D Animation Adobe Illustrator CC
2D Digital Animation Adobe Animate CC


Modules Tools/Software
Broadcast Editing Mac OS Final Cut Pro X
Broadcast 3D Design Cinema 4D


Modules Tools/Software
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Extended CC
CorelDraw CorelDRAW X8
Web Weaver Adobe Dreamweaver
Media Publishing Adobe InDesign